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General · 8th May 2014
Editor Robyn
The afternoon cup of java that accompanies me as I peruse the afternoon Gumboot uploads apparently has value beyond sating today's 4 o'clock craving. Okay, we've heard this before – coffee's good for us, just like red wine and chocolate are good for us. It's great news for those of us who could happily pare down Canada's food groups to the aforementioned essentials, and live happily ever after. Okay, for a week, maybe.

But here's the thing. The Weather Network (and what's weather got to do with this? Search me) has an opinion to offer. And if it weren't raining right this second, I'd take my hat off to Cheryl Santa Maria of Digital Reporter, who made my day with this:

"Thursday, May 8, 2014, 4:36 pm: Your morning cup of coffee could be doing a lot more for you than providing a caffeine fix. New research out of Cornell University suggests that an antioxidant found in the drink may also be protecting your eyes.

"Scientists at Cornell University have identified a chemical that may be able to prevent deteriorating eyesight and potentially blindness due to glaucoma, aging and diabetes.

"'Raw coffee is, on average, just 1 percent caffeine, but it contains 7 to 9 percent chlorogenic acid, a strong antioxidant that prevents retinal degeneration in mice,' reads a statement on the university's website.

"So far, lab tests conducted on mice have been promising. Scientists say the next step is to determine whether or not drinking coffee can deliver the antioxidant directly to the retina, a thin layer of tissue on the back wall of the eye. If that proves to be the case, your doctor may one day recommend drinking coffee along with your daily apple.

“'Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and we are understanding what benefit we can get from that,' adds lead author Chang Y. Lee."

So, afternoon Gumboot readers, I leave you with two things: If you hear of a clinical study, I'd say most of Quadra should apply, if line-ups at our island's many coffee emporia are any indication. And secondly, the Gumboot passes on this scientific breakthrough with impunity, given that we swiped it from the Weather Network. And we know they're always right. Right?

Drink up, islanders, it's for a good cause. And now? Race you to the chocolate.