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General · 9th May 2014
Food Hound
Sounds like a grade "b" science fiction movie, doesn't it?
Well, it's almost that bizarre! Shortly after the poo bag dispenser was installed at the Spit, it was removed by a park employee. When I asked why, the answer was that it was not "authorized".
After a series of phone calls and emails, I ended up talking to the area manager. I am now a park volunteer and I have been authorized to install and maintain the bag dispenser! So the dispenser is going back up after the employee installs a special post for this purpose.
I would ask everyone who makes use of this to make sure they dispose of their "doo" in the garbage, and not throw it in the bush. If everyone does this, they will remove the dispenser. It happened at Miracle Beach and it could happen here! All donations towards bag purchases gladly accepted!
More Wag, Less Bark!
BC Parks - Dog Rules
Comment by Tako on 9th May 2014
Many of our provincial parks allow dogs/pets on a leash at all times but they are NOT allowed in our BEACH/PICNIC AREAS or park buildings. Hello humans - that includes Rebecca Spit. When I go for a walk, I am on a leash at all times unless I am in a designated off leash dog park. My mommy also picks up my poo! p.s. I am having an operation on Monday so wish me well. I really hope it doesn't affect my voice. Tako
Poop, pick up, plunk in the garbage
Comment by Debbie on 9th May 2014
Now that the dispenser is coming back let's hope that it gets used.
And hopefully Quadra can succeed when Miracle Beach failed.
Four paws up!
Comment by Editor Robyn on 9th May 2014
Get ready for the rave reviews, Paul!
Thanks for your persistence on this one. Let's keep it going!