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General · 11th June 2014
Jim Abram
Friends! Just a quick update.... still working hard on the ferries issue. I will be away for a bit, but still have all my toys with me to keep in touch as I can. Hang in there. We are on our way to winning. Big plans for next month in the way of activity. More to follow.

And by the way, we had our Ferry Advisory Committee meeting yesterday and made it very clear to BCFS staff that the current schedule DOES NOT WORK! WE told them that it needs to change. The two ideas that have been most prevalent in the comments I have rec'd prior to the meeting were that we go back to the original schedule with the last ferry on Fri. and Sat. plus a mid-day sailing being eliminated, or just eliminate both of the last sailings all week long. What came out as something for the BCFS staff to consider was that they eliminate the 2pm ferry and give Walcan priority loading for their truck on the 2pm sailing so they can get their product to market and then eliminate the 11:00pm on Fri. and Sat. The other option that they might look at is to just eliminate the last sailing Sun. through Thurs. and the last two sailings on Fri. and Sat. Option one was considered the less painful. So we will see what they do. They need to get rid of 9 sailings each way (18 total)

I can tell you that they will not do it right away, even though myself and others told them that there is no sense in leaving the current schedule in place through the summer when we have already seen constant overloads, long waits and missed ferries. They didn't seem to care.. they want to "make sure that they see how this schedule plays out so they won't need to make changes again!". That is the most ridiculous thing they said all day!!! We are suffering! We want it fixed.

And then we want a new government. I told them that they are still going to have to change the schedule again after we beat the government at this stupid and painful game and we go back to the old schedule!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick look at our three hour meeting of yesterday. It was painful!

I also let them know that I was very p***d off with them for telling their staff, who then told islanders, that the FAC set the present schedule in place. NOT! ... They, of course, denied ever saying that!

We only gave opinions and suggestions. BCFS sets the schedule. So, stand by and see what happens. I am sure whatever it is, it will not please everyone…