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General · 27th June 2014
Paul Ryan
On June 10th the FAC had a meeting with BC Ferries staff at the Heriot bay Inn. This was a regularly scheduled meeting but most of our time was spent discussing the new schedule and ways to make it better. as a result of this the FAC formally made a recommendation to BCF that the schedule be changed back to the original one with the 2/2:30pm sailing and the 11/11:30pm sailing on the weekends being eliminated. We made this recommendation after listening to numerous complaints from our communities, and despite the objections of Walcan Seafood who felt that losing the 2pm sailing would be a big problem for them.
Well apparently, MONEY TALKS! I received a phone call yesterday advising me that the schedule will remain the same until at least the fall. It was obvious that Walcan and it's associates had exerted a lot of pressure on BCF to leave the schedule as is. There was talk of having a meeting, at that time with Walcan and their associates to try and reach a compromise. I reminded BCF that the ferry is an essential service for us and it was put in place to serve the needs of ALL of us, not just a select few.
I was assured that there will be extra sailings put in place in the event of the inevitable overloads and that the masters of the two vessels would improve their communication so they would not leave vehicles behind from connecting sailings.
Get ready for a hectic summer!