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General · 5th August 2014
Al Beatie
First let me start by thanking the people who put their Tru-Value points into Quadra Salmon (QISES), and also thanks to the fine folks at Tru-Value for having the points system in the first place. This system is a
great help to our annual financial health.

Now an update to our droughtproofing efforts on the Hyacinthe Creek system. Just over a year ago, with the approval of the Walcan people, we placed a partial dam across the mouth of the culvert which crosses under Walcan Road. It was supposed to store an extra one third of a meter of water in Reed Lake, the water body just below Mud Lake. It would give us
much needed water to siphon into the H. C. system during the annual drought.

It failed! Water channelled itself through the rocks and under the actual culvert, draining Reed of the much needed water. The good news is that the
wetland which lies below Reed on the south side of Walcan Road, which we call Site 3, was discovered to have stored much of this "lost" water. The really good news for the 2014 dry season is that beaver recently constructed a beautiful dam at the outflow of Site 3, giving us an extra foot of water storage. And, the dam leaks. This provides a trickle of water down the
rest of the Hyacinthe Creek, keeping the fry pools viable. At the start of the spawning season we will need to open up a small passage way through the
dam so that returning coho can access their spawning beds. The system survives and even thrives.
Good to hear!
Comment by Lydia Brittany on 6th August 2014
In the face of some devastating news for B.C.'s ecosystem, this report on Quadra's Site 3 is good to hear!

Thanks to all who volunteer to maintain and keep our eco system alive and thriving.

Thank you Tru Value Foods for developing a system that helps the community, Inspirational distribution of finance.

Lydia Brittany.