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General · 8th August 2014
Cec Smith
This is a new plea for dogs to be kept under their owner's control. This picture is of our 5 yr. old cat who was attacked by a dog on Aug. 3. He was born on our property, neutered and does not stray. According to the vet, the chunk taken out of the cat's hip was done by a dog, using his canine tooth. Our cat must have struggled to get away, leaving a hole down to the muscle, with skin torn away the size of a loonie. Please, please keep your dogs under control.
as if
Comment by nancy essig on 23rd August 2014
Asking people on this island to keep control of their dogs is futile. Everybody knows it isn't their dog that is shitting,biting, barking, threatening, chasing bikes, chasing deer etc. It is some other irresponsible dog owner. Don't you realize these are their babies? How dare you suggest otherwise?
Oh my god!
Comment by Tako on 15th August 2014
Oh my god ... that is one nasty and expensive wound. Poor kitty - hope he is doing ok. I only chase rabbits but can't catch them. I like cats! Tako the Yorkie