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General · 22nd October 2014
Tom Mulcair: address to Canada
Today, the peace of our nation’s capital was shattered by an act of hatred and brutality. A cowardly act, designed to strike at the very heart of our democracy — at the heart of who we are.

It was carried out on the very ground where we come together to exchange ideas with the knowledge that whatever our differences we will always resolve them peacefully.

It was intended to make us more fearful of our neighbours and less confident in ourselves. But it has failed.

Today’s events have instead only succeeded in drawing us closer, in making us stronger.

To the brave women and men of law enforcement, our security services and our Canadian Forces: Your determination, your professionalism and indeed your heroism today will not soon be forgotten.

Just as we have all borne witness to these horrific acts, we have watched in awe your acts of courage — now an abiding emblem of Canadian strength, values and valour.

The thoughts and prayers of 35 million Canadians are with the family and loved ones of Corporal Nathan Cirillo — the Canadian Forces member from Hamilton, Ontario who lost his life this morning, the second in just a few days.

In this moment, Canadians are united in grief, and stricken with disbelief. Canada is shaken today, but we shall not waver.

We woke up this morning in a country blessed by love, diversity and peace, and tomorrow we will do the same.

These acts were driven by hatred, but also designed to drive us to hate. They will not.

We will stand up, and we will stand together. We will persevere, and we will prevail.

Tom Mulcair
Official Opposition Leader
My sentiments exactly!
Comment by Lola Murray on 24th October 2014
Mr. Mulcair has echoed my sentiments in his remarks on the death of the soldier in Ottawa. Terrorists, as their name suggests, want to inspire fear in us - including fear about our neighbours. I think the Harper Conservatives play on that notion all the time, because it is to their benefit to have us fearful, isolated from each other and therefore less likely to question their actions. But we can resist that message, as Mr. Mulcair puts it, by remembering that we are a diverse, loving and peaceful people - and that's sure true of the folk here on Quadra, in my opinion. Let's resist the warmongering and sabre-rattling by the Conservatives. And when they introduce more measures to "contain home-grown terrorists" let's read them for what they really are - more chances to limit people's civil rights in the name of protecting us from an enemy that doesn't exist. Lola Murray