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A chum in at the GBL counting fence
General · 27th October 2014
Al Beattie
You might have gathered that the recent rains have benefited Quadra streams and the salmon (chum and coho) spawn. When we installed the gates into the counting fence on September 16 we were standing on dry land at the base of the gates. Today (October 27) when we docked at the gates to do a stream walk and fish count, the stream was higher than the gates. This means that water in our huge lake system has risen more that 1 metre. The coho being quite aggressive swimmers should be able to jump over the gates in places. The gentle Village Bay Creek has become a raging torrent. Last week on our creek walk we were able to see into the water and count 53 chum and 13 coho. Today with the torrential water we were not able to spot more than a handful of migrating or spawning salmon. So far the coho count through the counting gate has been 600+.
A big thanks should go our to Lauren and Larry, each who goes out alone once per day to raise the gate in the counting area, regardless of weather, and count migrating fish. I would hope that the person or persons who decided last year to vandalize our gates will not be so inclined this year. It was brave and extremely dangerous for Larry to retrieve the gates and re-install them.
This past Friday, Eileen Sowerby and I counted 200 chum in Hyacinthe Creek from the culverts down to the private property where we are not allowed. For those wishing to see chum, we counted 21 chum in the 50 metres above the culverts. There is a great pull-out there for vehicles and a short safe walk in to where you can view back to the culverts. We are also getting reports of hundreds of chum in Open Bay Creek and a healthy chum run up Granite Bay Creek way up past the wetland. Chum in G.B.C. can safely be observed right from the Granite Bay Road Bridge.
We are also getting reports of salmon heading up Drew Creek.
And finally, a big thanks to Tru-Value stores, their points system, and those who choose to donate them to QISES. It provides a good bit of our annual funding.
Al Beattie