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General · 2nd November 2014
Tako the Yorkie
You can get free money, free firewood, free chimney sweep and hopefully free dog food - Royal Canin is my preference. I have no idea what other necessities of life you can get for free here but some humans still feel the need to take from others without their consent.

Someone recently pinched two chain saws from my property. I say my ... because my humans told me I could say that. Neither chainsaw works anymore so you actually did all of us a favour since my mommy and I were nagging my daddy (who just turned 73) to give them away. Our neighbours were not so lucky.

But really, with all the supports in this great little island community, some humans still feel the need to steal. And stealing from old people on fixed incomes! Shame on you bad human! I will bite your ankles the next time I see you. Tako

p.s. I would include my email address but that would blow my cover.