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General · 21st December 2014
Merry Christmas and thank you to all who take the time to clear garbage from the beach while out for a walk on Rebecca Spit. It's been a busy time for clean-up after all the storms we have had, but a few dedicated folks drag plastic trays, buckets, barrels and Styrofoam back to the trails or garbage containers. Unfortunately it sometimes takes Parks weeks to pick up the garbage and some of it gets dragged back onto the beach by enthusiastic children and dogs. Does anyone have a solution in mind?
Garbage Removal
Comment by Paul Ryan on 23rd December 2014
Well , a good start would be not allowing children and dogs to do such things! They are obviously not at the park by by themselves!
Secondly, if it's taking weeks to deal with this stuff, then the park employee is not doing her job and a call to her supervisor would probably work.
Garbage removal
Comment by Lovethisisland on 22nd December 2014
May not be the answer, but just to get the conversation started... perhaps a couple of strategically placed dumpsters with informational signage would encourage people to use them. Might just become a dumping ground for people too cheap to pay for their own garbage removal? How that would be funded? - don't know - no easy answers. Perhaps have 'beach clean-up days' more often?