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General · 21st December 2014
Jim Abram
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to one and all and I wish you the best New Year ever for 2015.

I actually wished you all a Happy Holiday in the last report, but it is something one cannot say enough. We all need some time with friends and family away from some of the stresses in our lives. Now that we are on the upswing as far as seasons go, let’s enjoy the longer days ahead.

I pretty much filled you in on most of the news in my last report, but have a few things to report.

First of all, I mentioned the Inaugural meeting of the new SRD Board on Dec. 11th. Well it took place and I was elected (by acclamation) to the seat of the Chair for another year. I am very pleased as I will have an opportunity to help guide the Board in its business over this next year and try to get us working as a real team that can deliver what we need in our communities and get our staff working with the Board to do just that. I am really looking forward to it. With the Chair position come a number of appointments that I will go into in the next report in the new year.

Wendy and I attended the Christmas Community Kitchen lunch last Wednesday and it was fantastic as usual. The Community Centre was packed to the gills and the food was incredible with enough baking to fill a bakery. I am so proud of this community and the volunteers who make it work for putting on this event, weekly, with an extra touch for the Christmas season. What a group! They are always there to help us all and I sincerely thank all of them.

OnThursday the 18th we also had the pleasure of attending the Quadra Elementary School Christmas Concert. It was held at the Community Centre and even with the howling wind and blowing rain the hall was packed with proud parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends. We might have reduced numbers in our school right now, but we certainly do not have any less enthusiasm for wonderful events like this one. Congratulations to all of the teachers and staff and or course, the kids, for such an entertaining evening. One of the really nice things about the event was seeing all of the young people in the audience with young kids who will be filling our school in the near future. We are very fortunate to have such a diverse age group living on the island and we must insure that we keep it that way. In 2015 I will tell you some of the details of how we are going to make that happen.

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This will be my last report until into the new year. I am going to try and take a bit of time with family and friends, but am around if you need me. The SRD office will be closed from Christmas Day until Jan. 2nd.