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General · 3rd January 2015
Sunday has been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor requiring immediate medical attention and surgery. Based on test results there is a high probability that she has a high grade Gleoma, a fast growing, aggressive form of brain cancer otherwise known as Gleoblastoma.

There are very limited resources in Canada for treating such tumors. However, she and her family have been presented with an incredible opportunity to have treatment in the US and be part of a funded cancer treatment trial at UCLA that offers her the best hope for a positive outcome.

However, in order to access this free trial opportunity she will also need to have her surgery in the US. The costs are significant.

"We are asking for everyone and anyones help to get us to UCLA. We need to raise funds to help pay for the cost of surgery, anesthesiologist, pre and post op care and hospital fees.

Because of the kind of tumor, the size and the location, we don't have time to waste, we have to act quickly. As of today (Monday, January 5th) we have $100,000 and we are now working on getting enrolled and down to UCLA by the end of this next week. But this is just the beginning of the expenses we will be facing. If you have money or anyone that you know has money I am asking for substantial donations to be made for Sundays care.

This is my wifes life and the momma or our 3 children, so I am not afraid to ask. Please help us in any way that you can. Know that any contributions made will help save Sundays life."


Time is of the essense friends.

Right now our goal is to raise $300,000 as soon as possible. We have already raised the 1st $100,000 through this site and are now setting a new target of $200,000.

We are also working on fundraising events in the Comox Valley and on Quadra Island and receiving direct donations and donations of aeroplan mles for flights. We can do this

Sunday and Jason are amazing loving people, parents of 3 children and active members of the local business and arts community in the Comox Valley. They are owners of a vibrant small business in Downtown Courtenay (Sock Soiree) and are committed community volunteers (DCBIA, Comox Valley Arts Council, Elevate). Sunday is also a talented singer and songwriter whose music has touched many. We want Sunday to keep making her beautiful music for a long time to come.

This is a very frightening time for Sunday and her family. We are afraid AND we are hopeful.

This campaign is all about supporting this incredible woman and the incredibly difficult choices she and her family are facing. We are reaching out to Sunday and Jason's support network of friends, and fellow business owners, musicians, mountain bikers, and broadest community for support.

Sunday Dennis
Comment by Mary Dennison on 5th January 2015
You are in our hearts. Sending you Love and healing thoughts. We love you!
Quadra Fundraiser for Sunday
Comment by Editor Deb on 5th January 2015
From FB: UPDATE for the QUADRA fundraiser. There is a big music event already booked at the Cumberland Community Hall for this Saturday, and in order to have more lead time and get a better turnout, our Quadra team has decided the Sunday, January 18th will be the date for the Quadra fundraiser. For any Quadra folks wanting to donate a silent auction item to the Quadra fundraiser on the 18th, please contact Lynne Ramos 250 285-3754 or Mia Frishholz 250 285-3655. Please stay tuned as more details will follow soon. Thank you!
Blessings for healing!
Comment by Murray and Marion garland on 4th January 2015
We pray for strength peace and healing!