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General · 8th January 2015
Editor Robyn
I get a lot of emails in my inbox from eco-justice and human justice groups asking for my support. Sometimes I go into cause-fatigue trying to keep up with it all. But this morning something really cool showed up from Avaaz, a petition website frequented by many islanders. Avaaz was posting an invitation to join this pledge:
Show Kindness and Respect
We will show kindness and respect towards ourselves and others whenever possible. And it's always possible, because everyone we meet is fighting a battle we may know nothing about.
Strive for Wisdom
We will seek to be wise in our decisions, listening deeply to ourselves and others, and balancing our heads, hearts and intuitions in a harmony that feels right.
Cultivate Gratitude
We will regularly reflect on what we're grateful for, because it brings perspective, dissolves negativity, and grounds us in what's most important.
Nice, huh? if you want to know more, check out their website!