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General · 19th January 2015
Al Beattie
Salmon counts for the fall 2014 spawning season are now in and as follows;
Open Bay Creek – 3061 chum
Granite Bay Creek – 710 chum, 155 coho, 1 jack
Village Bay Creek – 494 chum, 140 coho, 10 jacks
Village Bay Lakes fence - 849 total 737 coho, 68 chum and 44 jacks.
Drew Creek – 4 chum, 14 coho, 1 jack
Hyacinthe Creek – 3410 chum, 2 coho
Heriot Bay Creek – 2 coho
McKercher Creek – approx. 200 pinks

Please note a couple of things. First the healthy counts in a couple of our creeks especially Open Bay Creek and the relatively small count from Village Bay Creek. The latter was a result of very high water due to the heavy October rains which raised the water level in the lakes by more than a metre and thus the flow down the creek. The flow was so strong that counters could not see into the water and get any kind of accurate numbers. It is also felt that, because of the powerful flow, that chum, which normally spawn here, might have had a difficult time completing their spawn. We saw evidence of chum spawn in a nearby feeder creek so they do their best to complete the life cycle.
As to the coho count at the fence, the water crested the gates for several days, allowing coho to easily jump over the gates without having to swim through the counting box.
You might also notice the pink count from McKercher Creek. As pink are usually early spawners, when we have little water in our creeks, this late, large count in McKercher (feeder into Hyacinthe) is definitely an anomaly. Thanks George Murdoch, for reporting in.

It is the time of year for us to give thanks, first to Bruce Bjornson for doing our monthly books, to Laurie Brydon for our annuals and to Tru Value Foods for the fabulous points system. We could not operate without all of you and the QISES members who contribute through annual fees. Finally, a big thanks to Graham Mackay (retired treasurer) for all the hard work and dedication during his years with QISES.