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General · 8th February 2015
Amber Kinsey
First, I would like to take a minute to share my heartfelt gratitude for the meeting Thursday night. The presence in the room was incredible! There were so many people in attendance who's key desire was and is to see our kids (your kids) thrive. People were open, honest and vulnerable. Although some hurtful things have been said, I also believe the way to healing has been paved. Everyone recognizes there is always room for improvement. Achieving change is hugely challenging. I believe that there were many insights and lessons gained on how to effectively secure change. One lesson that stands out to me is the importance of remembering that we (parents, teachers, administrators, community members) are allies with a common purpose: supporting our children as learners.

For those that couldn’t be there I would like to highlight a few of the positive notes:
1. BC Schools are rated as third in the world.
2. We were reminded of what a unique and vibrant school community we have.
3. It was told repeatedly that our Quadra kids move on to Pheonix and Carihi well rounded, polite, successful and a joy to have in class. Many of whom take part in the late french immersion program and are soaring! Not to mention the higher than average number of Quadra students that make the honour roll.
4. The staff of Quadra Elementary care deeply for each of our children and do everything in their power to see them succeed. They are PASSIONATE about their students.
5. We have the opportunity to work as a TEAM towards creating an even greater environment for everyone.

Where do we go from here? Take a few minutes, grab your child’s teacher and/or any other staff member you run into and thank them. Then ask how you can help. Let’s stand in the gap, together, united and working for change, one positive step at a time.

All interested parties are invited to attend our PAC meeting March 5 at 6pm in the Literacy Room at Quadra Elementary School.

Amber Kinsey
PAC President

on behalf of the PAC Executive