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General · 3rd March 2015
Francesca Gesualdi
Vinegar Dreams

I dreamt I was cleansing a festering old wound on my right leg with a towel soaked in my precious raw organic, home brewed apple cider vinegar, the medicinal batch with which I make my highly sought after healing tonics. There were a number of other vinegars in my cupboard for me to use, and when I awoke I was irritated at the thought of such an inappropriate and costly choice. In my dream, however, I was gleefully disinfecting an ugly, painful sore. The sore kept changing place. The nature of the wound, too kept changing, a bullet wound, a stab, a wretched blow. The body, my body itself, kept taking on different forms, until I realized it was not just my body, but the Mother Body whose wounds I was nursing.
Dreaming of vinegar in this way, they say, symbolizes the dreamer’s commitment to address buried emotional scars and to nurture the journey of healing from them. In ancient Chinese medicine, vinegar is known for its effectiveness in cleansing stagnation in the blood and restoring vigor to the flow of energies in our body. It is said to be as stimulating to emotional energy, clearing sluggish moods, promoting clarity of mind and steadfastness of spirit.
Vinegar chases away poisons in the bloodstream.
Children benefit from vinegar as well, though they may need a spoonful of honey in with the vinegar and water to help it go down.

I serve mine pure, neat, with a few good exceptions. I often get asked for seconds.
Don’ t get fooled, I say.
A very little goes a long long way.
There’ll be no seconds today.

As a child I drank our home brewed vinegar neat, too. But that is another dream.
That story ends with a 20 year separation from my cultural duty and time-honored tradition of brewing sweet vinegar. But did I say that is another story.

Of course, when I say vinegar here, let it be understood that I mean only naturally brewed, unfiltered, properly fermented vinegar. You can buy it or make it, though it is understandably more expensive to purchase.

Don’t be fooled here either, I say. Expensive does not pure guarantee. It was reports like these that sent me running back to the tradition of brewing my own vinegar.

Lead in vinegar

And why oh why, can you tell me why?????

Why does the label on the last bottle of commercially available balsamic vinegar I bought (6 years ago, and I will never buy another one again) list sulfites as an ingredient? Vinegar is a preservative. It will last hundreds of years without sulfites. Why do we need sulfites in vinegar?
And how can I tell which vinegars are distilled, or made from petroleum byproducts?
These are just some of the questions we pursue in our vinegar dreams.
Thanks to all who make IWD event possible. We are coming up special for it. And for Words.