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General · 29th March 2015
Jim Abram
Forwarded from Campbell River North Citizens for Quality Health Care....

There will be a health care rally on Tuesday, March 31st at NOON. 2nd and Birch. (The time was incorrect in the Mirror newspaper through no fault of theirs). Please pass this information along to everyone you can.

This event marks the first anniversary of the expiration of the Canada Health Accord. These rallies are being held throughout Canada organized by the Canadian Health Coalition, B.C. Health Coalition, Council of Canadians, HEU, CUPE and Campbell River Citizens for Quality Health Care.

Our federal government chose not to renegotiate the Health Accord and instead came up with a new funding formula which will result in a cut of 36 billion health care dollars in Canada, 5 billion in B.C. alone.

All of us, and everyone connected to us all rely on our public health care system. Imagine what it would be like not to have medicare as we now know it. Some of us are old enough to remember what it was like without Medicare where families were unable to afford medical bills. It is hugely important that we all stand up to be seen and heard, to protect our public (not for profit) health care system. This is an election year so it is very important to choose a candidate who will protect, expand and strengthen our public health care system and restore any cuts. Every single vote will matter a great deal to all of us. For those people who think it is just political, it is not politics it is the future of our public health care system in Canada. However, it is the elected politicians who make the decisions about our health care and funding of it. People thought we could not and would not lose our Campbell River Hospital but we came very, very close to losing it. It took a lot of effort and a lot of people to stand up for it and that is what all Canadians need to do for medicare.

Our health care means a great deal to all Canadians so we sincerely hope everyone who values it, relies on it and works in our public health care system will take an hour from their busy day to join us in this rally.

There will be speakers and literature handed out. There will even been disposable rain gear and refreshments. It is on rain or shine so bundle up and bring your umbrellas. Bring a chair if you like.

Due to hospital construction, parking will be at a premium so car pooling would be a good idea. There is parking further up just past Yucalta Lodge closer to Dogwood. The auxiliary is trying to have a volunteer available to drive the shuttle bus to transport folks who may find it difficult to walk down to 2nd and Birch. The hospital parking stalls should be left for patients and visitors.

See you there! Emcee - Sharon Pilkington - HEU and Lois Jarvis - CFQHC