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General · 8th April 2015
Gord Smears
Bravo for the level of Canadian Ingenuity in creating a pipeline that carries food to the hungry world rather than dirty sticky oily stuff. Its heartening to see our elected officials for once doing something that all Canadians can rally behind. Our farmers need to know that we support them and their dedication. As any farmer will tell you - "If you don't feed people, you have to fight them." The only way you can effectively fight them is by using oil (and lots of it). This new pipeline will do just that: kill two birds with one stone. (a) decrease the supply of oil needed to make more wars possible and (b) increase the amount of food available to the 7 billion of us on this tiny planet. Yes, this is truly outstanding. The PMO is behind it too, having seen the light that all those clandestine meetings with the big oil companies have tried to extinguish! But wait - we ask - who is going to finance this shift towards a balanced economy? The answer to that is so simple its almost funny. While the price per barrel has dropped to half its value, the price at the pumps is the same as before. Thats where the money will come from for the new pipeline. Instead of continuing to keep profits at an all time high during a falling oil and dollar value, the oil companies have apparently agreed to hand over the profits to the farmers in the form of a subsidy for any oil shipped in their pipeline. Brilliant eh? But will it wash with the Conservatives? Absolutely. Just look at the calendar. Its an election year. The one and only year those elected walk on egg shells, trying to look like man's best elected friend. PIPELINES FOR BREAD not BITUMEN is the new slogan for the upcoming election. What with 3 parties in Ottawa (not counting our good friend Elizebeth
May - also known affectionately as May West) we will hear the contest ring in our ears as one leader says, "Elect me, and I deliver 200 bushels to Churchill Falls every 2 weeks." The next leader will say, "Nay, elect us and we'll have 300 bushels delivered per week". And the third leader will say, "1200 bushels spread out over a period of several weeks" without any work stoppages. Next comes the promises to bring back the Canadian Wheat Board along with the Fair Elections Act (fewer voters / more polling stations). Can we be assured this won't die on the floor once the election is over and its "business as usual"? Absolutely.