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General · 9th June 2015
Frontpage articles are all about stories, island events and entertainment, and community issues. (And they usually have more than two sentences!) We like to post content as articles and not slide into the grey zone of infomercials, which can blur the line between general interest and, well, more commercial interests.
It's not that we don't like advertising! Au contraire: straight-up ads and commercial-type stuff have other destinations on the Boot, like our free Classified ads, or the individual pages of our marvelous sponsors, or in our Marketplace listings. In fact, bring it on! We love it.
But back to articles. It can be a fine line, we admit, but here's how we like to think about it. Put the story first. If there's a commercial aspect, or some big island corporation (!!!) is your sponsor, make those points secondary to your story. And that goes for visuals too: pictures should tell a story first and foremost. If your photo looks a lot like an ad for your business, chances are you're in the infomercial zone and a GB editor will raise an eyebrow.
Not sure how what side of the line your article fits? Email if you have questions.