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General · 11th July 2015
Quadra Emergency Program
We live in a community, with a finite set of human and equipment resources. We are experiencing a summer of severe drought that is occurring across the entire province and beyond. We have seen the consequences of extreme weather elsewhere in the world. Now it is our turn!

We are individually responsible for our own plan. The fire fighters will be fighting any fires, the RCMP officers will be dealing with issues of public safety and provincial emergency services will be assisting with minimum levels of service for people who are evacuated from their homes (for a maximum of 72 hours). The rest is up to us……………
How can we help? What can we do?
In times of crisis, people pull together. That is what is needed here now, in advance of any severe situation. Our best defense is at a neighbourhood level, neighbour assisting neighbour.

Today: ensure that you have a house number, viewable from the road at night, so that first responders can quickly respond to any calls.

Constantly be alert for any indication of fire with heightened vigilance now that we are experiencing smoke from wildfires elsewhere in the province.

Meet with your immediate neighbours. Do you know their names? Their addresses? Do you have their contact information (e-mail and phone number)? Have you discussed the human and material resources available to you in the immediate vicinity? Who has access to a large water supply? Who has medical training? Who has skills and tools that would be useful in an emergency? Who is vulnerable? Elderly? Alone? Who has compromised mobility? Breathing difficulties that would be affected by levels of smoke in the air? Which people have infants and children? Who has pets and livestock? Refresh this information now. Have that conversation now.
If evacuation becomes necessary, you will be notified by phone, by persons knocking at your door, and possibly vehicles will driveby
with sirens, horns. Follow local FM radio for updates on emerging situations. (River 99.7FM, 89.5 FM, Jet 98.9 FM, Eagle 97.3 FM, CHEK)

You are responsible for the people living on either side of you. Yes, you!
Are they safe? Can they get out?

Carry a fully charged fire extinguisher in your vehicle so that you are prepared to deal with any newly emergent fire situation you may be the first to encounter.

Keep your gas tank no lower than ½ full.

See broken glass lying at the side of the road or on a trail? Pick it up! Prevent a fire.

Be aware of the total fire ban and the restrictions on usage of power saws and inform others if necessary. Smoke indoors only during this time of drought.
Become involved if you see someone behaving in a potentially dangerous manner… talk to anyone who tosses out a cigarette butt… note their licence number and Call 911 for concerns of unsafe behavior, outside fires, use of power saws, and other situations that need to be investigated, such as the recent concerns re heavy smoke on the South part of the island.

Pack and carry a Grab and Go bag in your vehicle or have it at your door. Assume that when you leave your house during this extreme drought, you might not be able to get back. Have your ID, your family contact information, medications/prescriptions, extra eyeglasses, water, a change of clothes, items for personal hygiene, have cash on hand (ATMs will be down in a power outage), a crank/solar powered radio, photos of family members and pets, important documents, insurance papers. Keep your vehicle locked if parked as some of the above information is valuable.

Take responsibility. Take action. Shift that consciousness!
This is what will determine the outcome at this time of extreme risk for our community.!!

Keep your water use down!!!
Comment by Editor R on 12th July 2015
Many on Quadra are noticing issues with their water availability. In these unprecedented drought conditions – and please note that a couple of days of light rain can't compensate for a dry winter, spring, and beginning of summer – we do well to be vigilant about our water use.
Well water supplies will last longer if you conserve. In the kitchen: Don't waste rinse water – recycle it on a plant or bush. In the bathroom, practice the "if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down" routine. Have 'army showers' instead of full-on baths. Outside, don't be washing cars, filling pools, and watering your by-now-dead-lawn! Water gardens at night or very early in the morning, and consider alternating areas where you water.
Many people here share wells, and we all share aquifers. Let's practice good sense and restraint and get through this drought as safely as possible!
Be Prepared
Comment by Claire on 12th July 2015
Thanks for the important information. My only concern is that with this recent rain - some people will think it is now OK to play with fire but it is going to take a week of rain or more to make things safe again.