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General · 4th August 2015
Theatre Quadra
Following a very successful debut, Theatre Quadra's festival of short plays will return in 2016 for a longer run! Between May 12 and 15, "Take Ten" will present a wide variety of plays for adults, families and kids, and mixed audiences. We are now seeking both original and published plays to be submitted to by October 15, with public readings beginning in November. Plays should be 10 minutes in length with a maximum of 5 characters; 2 or 3 characters is better. When you submit a play, please include the name of your director (yourself or someone else). For more information, contact Doni Laird at
To find published scripts for submission, google "ten minute plays" (or check Youtube to view productions). If you're planning an original script, here are a few tips from "Writing the Ten Minute Play" (Glen Alterman).
• ten minute plays are not sketches; they are complete plays with a beginning, a middle and an end
• make sure the conflict in your play is strong and immediate; the sooner you set up the conflict, the better
• keep your cast small and make sure each of your characters is very different from the others
• keep props and costumes to a minimum and keep sets simple
For 2016, each group of plays presented will use the same set, so think of ways to suggest your setting without the use of flats or other heavy set pieces.
Join with TQ to create great community theatre... ten minutes at a time!
rules rules rules
Comment by nancy essig on 9th August 2015
I find it interesting that had these rules been in place for the amazing event that was played out this year, you would not have had your most entertaining play. the gunfighter. Perhaps you should let people do what they feel they can manage and not control creativity