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General · 25th August 2015
Valerie van Veen
My attempt to be environmentally friendly by purchasing bamboo toilet paper and only flushing when necessary (yellow mellow invocation) was the probable cause of the $900 rotor rooter bill incurred on a recent Saturday (of course) just when the family came for their annual visit (of course). Fortunately, our cottage septic system is independent of the house, so they were able to do it with abandon, but not so for 12 tense hours for us oldies in the big house! To confirm my suspicions, I ran a very simple experiment easily repeated; two equal lengths of tp, one regular paper, the other bamboo, in equal amounts of water at the same temperature, for the same length of time, then drain in a sieve. Sure enough, two days later the paper tp is a fine slurry, the bamboo a firm wodge. 7 rolls worth of wodge later, and voila, one very clogged sewer pipe. Perhaps bamboo is best for toilets that are flushed after every use; regretfully, I will avoid it for here where water conservation is a priority. I still have five rolls left, great for craft projects with the grandkids!
Why are you flushing the paper?
Comment by C on 29th August 2015
We NEVER flush our tee-pee paper. We throw it in a bag and then into the wood stove. We have been doing this for 30 years.