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Expired · 1st September 2015
Danny, Ari, Emma, Ricken
Tony Turner is a popular folk singer, and also a scientist at Environment Canada. When a recording of his “Harperman” political protest song – calling on the country to get rid of the Harper government – was posted on Youtube, he was suspended and put under investigation.

Environment Canada says that all employees agree to comply with a value and ethics code that lays out expected behaviour – but the Supreme Court has said that public service workers have a right to free expression – just like the rest of us.

This government has consistently muzzled scientists and public servants whose opinions or research could threaten their policies. And we’ve seen how it views protest, passing Bill C-51 that labels environmental activists as “security threats”.

Fortunately, they can’t silence the internet.
Click here to check out Harperman on YouTube!

Click here to take a stand with Tony – and to share your voice around the country if you'd like to help spread the word.