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Expired · 3rd September 2015
Peter Robinson
We have a big opportunity to find out more about the people who want to represent us in Ottawa and help inform each other about the candidates' positions on important environmental issues.

We have some questions that we think candidates in all ridings across Canada should answer. But we need your help because these questions will be most effective if they come from people in the candidates' own ridings.

You can ask these questions of the candidates by email, phone, visiting the constituency office and/or going to an all candidates’ debate. Fill out this survey with any information you've gathered so we can share it with others to help inform them too.

Here are the questions:

• Do you believe Canada should join more than 110 nations in recognizing the right to live in a healthy environment by amending Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
• Canadians subsidize the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $1.3 billion per year despite the fact that the industry is in a downturn, which has destabilized our economy. Will you end these subsidies and encourage a transition to a clean-tech economy? If so, how?
• Provinces that have put a price on carbon have seen economic growth that outpaces the Canadian average. Will you enact a national carbon-pricing policy?
• Canadians deserve a government that is open, transparent and committed to science. Will you support allowing government scientists to speak freely about their work, opening up review processes to all concerned Canadians and basing decisions on the best available evidence?

Don't worry if you can't ask all the questions of all candidates. Any contribution will help. We’ll do this together.

Check out this blog for guidance on how to bring these questions to an all-candidates’ debate.

Let's ask these questions of our candidates now so we can hold their feet to the fire after the election!


Peter Robinson
CEO, David Suzuki Foundation