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Expired · 22nd September 2015
Carol Foort
Some Heartfelt Words on Voting in the Upcoming Federal Election!
I am passionate about NOT having another Harper government. “The Stephen Harper conservatives have treated parliament with contempt, cutting off debate, using democracy killing omnibus bills to dismantle social and environmental programs, ignoring science and abusing veterans, cutting taxes for the wealthy while giving away our sovereignty in secret trade deals.” This is of grave concern to me!
I know there are many of us who are supportive of Green Party philosophy and ideally would like to vote with our hearts and vote Green. I would like nothing better than to see Elizabeth May as the prime minister of Canada! However, in this election, this is highly unlikely and therefore I cannot consciously justify voting Green. Realistically, voting Green at this time most likely means splitting the vote, other than in ridings such as Elizabeth May`s and the few others that have a good chance of success. It is unfortunate that our system has put us in this unfair position but I truly believe that for this election, VOTING WITH OUR HEARTS means VOTING WITH OUR HEADS and thus VOTING STRATEGICALLY so as to avoid having OUR HEARTS BROKEN with 4 more years of HEARTLESS HARPER GOVERNMENT! Tom Mulcair has promised proportional representation should the NDP get in, which would give the greens more power and hope for creating positive change in the future. I do believe that proportional representation is our only hope!
Increasing voter turn-out is imperative and I also feel that it is important for young people to contribute their input by voting in this election. I recently received the following information that I would like to share and hope that it is helpful to everyone in making an informed decision.
“In 2008, the fiercely patriotic and pragmatic Elizabeth May urged Canadians to do all they can to throw Prime Minister Harper out of office, encouraging Canadians to examine their riding and figure out how best to keep the Tories from winning.”
Conservatives 27,206 NDP 25,379
Liberals 3,039 Green 3,018
A PRAGMATIC vote this time will get rid of Harper and reclaim parliament and better government!
“I’d rather have no Green seats and Stephen Harper lose, than a full caucus that stares across the floor at Stephen Harper as Prime Minister because his policies are too dangerous.” E. May – The Star.com09/25/2008
I wholeheartedly agree! In order to save our country, I do believe that we must combine ideology with wisdom for this election.
To get information on how to vote strategically, check out or go to their link and enter your postal code.
With love, faith and hope!
Carol Foort
Agree to disagreeable?
Comment by Paul Ryan on 28th September 2015
Not worthy of a response.
Agree to Disagree?!
Comment by Walker Evans on 28th September 2015
Anyone who says their conscience is clean, it usually isn't. You started all this by badmouthing people under 30 telling them to leave the island and even the country if they don't vote. I find your arguments pompous and righteous. There's are reasons why 40% of eligible voters don't vote. Don't dismiss these people as lazy or stupid. They have a right to their opinions and if they choose not to vote that is their right. Now I'll leave it up to you to slam my opinions since you seem to need to get the last word in. Please don't worry about me going through the rest of my life with 'that attitude' you seem to despise. I'm quite happy with it. I'm sorry if it angers you but that can't be helped.
Comment by Paul Ryan on 28th September 2015
My conscience is clean. How about yours? My condolences for having to go through the rest of your life with an attitude like this.
Not Black and White
Comment by Walker Evans on 28th September 2015
Paul. I would say shame on you for perpetuating the myth that by voting you will change democracy for the better. I've been voting for over four decades and nothing has changed except got worse. Just because you call something DEMOCRACY and put it up on a pedestal doesn't necessarily mean it's really democratic or worth saving. As we've seen countless times election promises are reneged upon the minute a new government is elected.
And I do and will complain about this sad excuse for a democracy whether I vote or not. And some will listen because they, like you, have no idea whether I voted or not. Please tone down the stale rhetoric like...'people fought and died so that we could vote.'
They did not fight and die for this joke of a system. It's rhetoric like that that turns more youth away from voting altogether.
Cheers and good luck finding a political party to vote for with a clean conscience.
Democracy Or Anarchy
Comment by Paul Ryan on 27th September 2015
Walker, Our system is not perfect, but it will not change unless we VOTE to change it! That's called DEMOCRACY! So by opting out, you perpetuate the very thing you're complaining about! And since you're not voting, you don't get to complain! Oh, you can complain all you want, but nobody will listen or take you seriously!
Ask someone who doesn't have the right to vote, what they would do to get that right. I'll bet the answer would be something close to "almost anything!"
Shame on you for encouraging people not to exercise our democratic right! That's a really good way to lose it!
Hardly Democratic
Comment by Walker Evans on 27th September 2015
Sorry Paul but it is your right to vote....or not. It is also your right to complain....or not, regardless of whether you voted or not. Our one vote, first past the post system of representative democracy is deeply flawed so taking part in this sham just legitimizes it. At least that's one way of looking at it. As someone once said, "don't vote. It just encourages the bstds!"
Democratic Right?
Comment by Paul Ryan on 25th September 2015
If you look at the stats for the number of people under 30 who vote, it is abysmal!! Are you telling us that ALL of these people can't find anyone to vote for? NOT. I would suggest that if they were more engaged in the process, they might actually form an opinion. The right to vote is something our forefathers fought and died for. Even going to the polling station and marking your ballot "none of the above", is better than doing nothing. If you don't vote you have no right to complain about ANYTHING!
Democratic Right
Comment by Walker Evans on 24th September 2015
I think it's a bit harsh to blame the youth for not voting. It is indeed your right not to vote if you can't find any of the candidates or political parties inspiring. It may be time to ditch Harper but how quickly we forget 13 years of corrupt Chrétien Liberals and the bags of money being exchanged under the table. Our democratic system is a joke when the only intelligent thing is to vote against something. I'd like to vote for something for a change but given the status quo that seems impossible.
Orange vs Green
Comment by Paul Ryan on 23rd September 2015
Thank You Carol! You took the words right out of my mouth! I've been contemplating writing the same thing. It's time to get rid of this maniac Harper and his band of morons. He has fundamentally changed Canada's reputation in the world and not for the better. He has turned us into warmongers instead of peace makers.
And for you young people who "can't be bothered to vote", I passionately urge you to get off your ass and exercise your democratic right! Otherwise you should hang your head in shame, and get your sorry ass off this island. (and maybe this country)