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Expired · 24th September 2015
Hi Carol
Whereas everything you mention makes absolute sense, and much as I would love to vote NDP, there is still a major reason why I just can't. Oh how I wish Jack Leyton was still here!

Tom Mulcair is already promising to implement the impossible. This is the very same as lying. I thought, just as you do, we must go for NDP as the numbers tell us this is the only hope of getting Harper out, but when the candidate is telling you
A) he can balance the budget in the first year and
B) he will abolish the Senate,
we have to see red flags waving. Neither of these is possible, however laudable. The first from a practical standpoint (you inherit a huge debt, how can you balance the books? Print money? Cut services? raise taxes?) and the second means changing the Constitution.

I still remember Glenn Clark and Moe Sihoda (pot smoking rich kid who went to private school with my cousin) and what they did to our Province. NDP is NDP and it seems Muclair is as big a bullshitter as any of them.

I am voting Green because THE NUMBERS COUNT. It is a disgrace that a country as big as Canada with our exquisite unique ecosystems does not have solid Green party representation. Although Brenda doesn't have a hope of winning her seat, it's important that the numbers keep improving so that funding levels build and the Green Party eventually will be better able to take its place in opposition. God knows we need it.
No, Muclair has blown it for me with his BS. I have always loathed that.
Any vote splitting around here will be between Liberals and NDP. We an afford to vote Green. In my opinion we can't afford not to.

Thank you for starting this discussion
Nicola Newton.

Comment by Will LaVigne on 29th September 2015
Editing post
Comment by Will LaVigne on 25th September 2015
You can edit your post and correct the spelling of Jack Layton, the right thing to do.
The numbers game
Comment by Paul Ryan on 25th September 2015
With respect; you have a right to your opinion, but I would suggest that you have been misinformed on many levels.
1. Don't confuse the federal NDP with the provincials. They are the same in name only!

2. Balancing the budget is a numbers game. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric!

3. Abolishing the senate is not a bad idea, especially the way Harper has manipulated it. It's either that or make it so senators get voted in , just like the rest of the politicians.

4. IF you vote Green in this election, in this riding, two things will happen: you will throw your vote away, and you will help Harper get re-elected. IMHO If that happens, we don't want to hear a peep out of you!