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General · 1st October 2015
Carol Foort
Right now SRATEGIC VOTING or VOTING TOGETHER is our only hope for positive change. This election unfortunately, is not so much about getting the best person in, but about GETTING HARPER OUT! If we vote strategically and the NDP win and bring in proportional representation as promised, we can consciously vote for who we want in the next election as well as being able to live with our conscience.
For information on why and how to vote strategically for this upcoming election and how to "Heave Steve!", check out and access inspiring, informative videos with words of wisdom from Lead Now advocates including David Suzuki! Or go to their link at and enter a relevant postal code for current information about your riding as well as other ridings and see how we can VOTE TOGETHER for a move towards Open Democracy, Fair Economy and Climate Justice. Please share the LeadNow and VoteTogether websites with friends and relatives from other ridings to make this happen!