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Illustration thanks to National Observer's Victor Juhasz
General · 18th October 2015
Editor / LeadNow
In 2011 our broken electoral system handed Stephen Harper a majority in parliament. He got 100% of the power, with just 39% of the vote. And since then, he has systematically gutted so much of what we as Canadians value.

Here’s a reminder of some of the worst parts of the past decade:

• Harper pulled Canada out of Kyoto, reneging on our commitments on climate

• He gave millions in subsidies to big oil and pushed pipelines from the tar sands

• He removed the privacy of millions of Canadians

• He created a second class of Canadian citizenship

• He ignored Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

• He closed veterans affairs offices

• He stripped funding from the CBC and vows to continue

• He cut the child care tax credit, leaving parents with only $13 per month to raise kids

• Harper made it harder for you to vote with the "Fair" Elections Act

• And he is the only Prime Minister in history to be found in contempt of parliament

It is time to get our country back and defeat the Harper regime! In our riding of North Island-Powell River, LeadNow indicates it is NDP RACHEL BLANEY who is best positioned to ensure a non-Conservative win.

Please exercise your right to vote, and vote strategically. Say no to another four years under a Harper regime!