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General · 24th November 2015
Mick Bromley PAC President
We know you will be concerned about the SD72 Facility Review Plan, it has serious and long ranging implications for all of our schools and directly involves Quadra Elementary and Surge Narrows. Made public on 17th November, the plan includes closures, re-sizing, review for future potential closures and re-using of school facilities. All public consultation is ended by 30th November. Allowing just 12 days for community opinion to be received on such a serious and long term plan is unacceptable and does no service to the intention of, or the vital and tremendous benefits of serious public consultation. No one is saying changes aren't necessary, but we are saying we want our community and individual opinion to be heard.
As a PAC Exec we have gathered as much information as possible over the past few days. We strongly encourage all parents and community members to write to the School Board at BEFORE 30th November to strongly request that the School Board DEFER THEIR DECISION ON ACCEPTANCE OF THE FACILITY PLAN UNTIL JANUARY Board meeting.
ALSO, please support deferring any acceptance of the plan until January, by attending the Public School Board meeting in Campbell River 7:30pm on 8th December at the School Board Office, 425 Pinecrest Road.
As your PAC exec we believe this is a serious and influential moment in the future evolution of our communities schools. If we allow the School District to offer public consideration for just 12 days on such far reaching plans, we are accepting by default a sham of public consultation for all future closures, re-sizing and reviews.
1) Please write to requesting "they defer acceptance of the facility plan until the January Board Meeting" to allow reasonable and worthwhile public consultation.
Make sure your email is addressed to "Chair and Members of the Board"
Suggestions to include;
a) Unrealistic time frame for worthwhile consultation. Alienating the public when they should be engaging positively with communities. We have the answers they need when it comes to diversification, re-using etc.
b) Most projects are well into the future, why the need to rush the decision without time for public input?
c) If they cannot defer, why not. Our Board represents us, they are elected, if they have no choice they are not able to represent us, so they MUST have the choice to defer.
Useful info from SD72 Website on the role of our School Board to help support your email to the School Board.
"The Board of Education is elected locally every four years. The role of the Board is to govern the education system of their community in a progressive and educationally sound manner".
"Trustees advocate for a first-class public education system for all students and our local communities".
From School Board Policy and Proceedure.
The role of the school board.
"Consult with parents,the community and stake holders to determine community interests..."
These are our considered opinion and suggestions as PAC exec, after several information gathering sessions with local representatives, offered with the intention of helping our community make sense of and act on the school facility review. Our next PAC meeting on 3rd December is a good place for discussion and in the NEXT 5 DAYS we need to email as many responses as possible.
PLEASE also consider attending the Board Meeting in person on 8th December in Campbell River.
Any suggestions and feedback welcome.
Respectful and constructively,