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General · 20th December 2015
Paul Ryan
I'm sure all of us have sat in a lineup in the summer, sweltering from the heat, with all their doors and windows open. For several years, your FAC has been talking about getting some shade in the CR terminal parking lot. We have gone through a few options with BCF; none of which have gone anywhere for a variety of reasons. We now have two options before us and we're asking our communities for input.
The first is a "pergola" type structure with a lattice type roof which would sit in the right hand corner at the front of the lot. It would have tables and would allow people to sit out of the sun but not be under a solid roof. The negatives are that it is across the lot from the majority of parking, and you would have to cross lines of traffic if the ferry were loading. This type of structure could be installed for next summer. Cost is $7-8K
The second option is an awning which would cover the walkway from the ticket booth to the crosswalk across from the waiting room. Our idea is that there would be benches installed between the planters, so people could sit without being in the way of foot traffic. It would also provide protection from rain storms when you walk back to get a ticket. The negative is that the cost is $30-40K and would not be completed for 2-3 years. It would probably be done in stages.
So please let us know which option you prefer. You can either email me or phone 285-3896.

PS: I don't do Facebook so if someone could post this, it would be appreciated