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General · 11th January 2016
Al Beattie
The 2015 QISES salmon count is in. Most of the counting was done from early October to mid November but there was a ‘chum rush” of about 1 week near the first of November when Hyacinthe and Open Bay Creeks were almost overwhelmed. Here are the counts;

A one-time trip to Small Inlet Creek got us a chum count of 340.

Hyacinthe Creek
326 pink (a recent record)
4083 chum
28 coho

Open Bay Creek
100 pink
4116 chum (record)
No coho observed

Village Bay Creek
954 chum
449 coho
16 jacks

Granite Bay Creek
835 chum
8 coho

Drew Creek
5 chum
6 coho

Notice the coho count from Hyacinthe. By sheer luck members of QISES were out on a field trip and happened to spot 24 coho at the outlet of Mud Lake where previous QISES volunteers had placed spawning gravel. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to see any coho (except for the V.B. counting fence) because they leave the ocean and “rocket” up to their spawning grounds. The coho will migrate up Quadra creeks until they hit barriers to further progress. The Granite Bay gang bushwack a long way up their creek to get the coho count. Chum and pink tend to stop much lower down the creeks in areas suitable for their spawning activity.
On a recent field trip along Stramberg Creek we found the waterfalls which are a barrier to adult coho migrating up into the lake. On Luoma Creek we opened up two big log jams that had prevented spawners from accessing the upper creek. These log jams will be inspected annually as they trap branches and other floating material thus closing off the creek to migration.
Also notice the small count in Drew Creek. Kudos to Gary and his friends for their regular trips up this creek. Access to the banks of Drew is most difficult and takes dedication and perseverance