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Events · 14th February 2016
susan westre
At the Community Centre, May 8.

Adventures in Yoga 9:00 - 12:30pm
Together we will learn two sequences that represent Kate’s signature style of moving with breath, learning as we go how to awaken a natural rhythm of expansion. Kate’s guided meditation will include cello music composed for her new CD Four Contemplations: The Alchemy of Stillness.

Acu-Yoga 2:00 – 5:00pm
The use of two 7 lb barbells in this class ranges from propping, hooking, pinning, and massaging acupressure points with what Kate refers to as the essential yoga tool. Learn more about meridians and acupressure points as well as simple ways to relieve headaches, backaches and shoulder pain using your new props.
Bring two 7 lb weights (or 5 lb weights if you are unable to lift 7 lb)

Kate has practiced yoga for 40 years and is a gifted teacher who has been leading classes
and retreats for the past 20.
She is a yoga therapist, yoga-based massage therapist, student of Ayurveda, and her television show “Namaste” is aired on five continents.

Check out Kate's website.

$50 for half day or $80 for full day
To register, please contact: or 250 285 3632