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General · 13th April 2016
Kate Potter returns to Quadra to teach two yoga workshops on May 8 at the Community Centre. Kate has been practicing yoga for over 40 years and teaching full time for the past20 years. Movement studies with breath is how she describes her yoga and she
goes on to say it is “honest to goodness gentle movement with exacting focus on the feel of the breath.” For more information about Kate go to her website:

In the morning workshop, from 9:00 to 12:30, Kate will teach two sequences that represent her style of moving with the breath. It will also include a guided
meditation with a background of serene cello music composed for her new CD Four
Contemplations: The Alchemy of Stillness. In the afternoon, from 2:00 to 5:00, the
workshop will concentrate on the use of barbells for propping, pinning and massaging
acupressure points.

Although these workshops will benefit all yoga enthusiasts, here is what Kate has to say about the afternoon session. “I am interested in aging and practices to keep the body safe and sane as the years make their mark. I have seen my own body through a debilitating 8 year battle with Fibromyalgia, (finally healed), as well as a more recent foray into a life threatening meningitis. I know I am only in my mid 50's,  but have seen the effects of rapid aging when the body prepares to die. Fully recovered now, I am grateful for this insight.
 I have found gentle movements using weighted props very beneficial in isolating stretch, pinpointing awareness, and building the essential upper body strength that we so easily lose in aging. We don't need to be super humans, but we can be pro-active. If we lose strength in one area, another area will suffer. If we lose awareness in even one corner of the body or mind, the puzzle of tracing back what we lost is tricky work.
The use of a weighted prop in Yoga may just serve to build awareness, or it may lead to locating acupressure points that trigger deep release.  My hope is to teach about flow of energy, and introduce concepts of yin and yang, and meridian theory.”

Cost for the workshops is $50 for half the day or $80 for the full day. To register
please contact or 285 3632.