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salmon alevin: go fish go!
General · 6th June 2016
Al Beattie
The Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society has been busy preparing for the summer drought. In order to keep the pools in Hyacinthe Creek vital we siphon water from Mud Lake to Reed Lake (Site 1), then through the culvert under Walcan Road (Site 2) to the big wetland on the south side of the road, and finally from the old beaver dam at the east end of the wetland into the headwaters of the creek (Site 3).
The beaver were busy last year in the middle of the culvert, several times forcing the Walcan crew to pull out a dam. We started this year by pulling snagged dam debris from the creek so that mature coho can migrate through in the fall. QISES took several trips to repair and replace beaver-chewed siphon lines and one trip to remove two redundant lines from Little Morte Lake. That lake now drains itself below the level of the line intake box so becomes useless to us as a backup water source.
Unfortunately the rodents were not active repairing their old dam near the wetland outlet so we worked like beavers repairing 4 breaches. In past summers this wetland was a huge water storage for siphoning use. As of our last trip out there water level in the wetland was alarmingly low.
It is a bad news, good news story though. Last fall’s spawn was very successful. All existing pools and streams are teaming with fry at this time. It is hoped that sporadic rain will enable survival of many of them.
Today, June 6, Stacey Larsen our community advisor from DFO, arrived with 500 fry for the Eco Center demonstration pond.
Thanks to those of you who support QISES and to the volunteers who selflessly do the work. Next time you drive up H. Bay Road past the Eco Center, enjoy Frank and Doug’s brand new “We’ve Got Salmon” sign.