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General · 19th October 2016
Eileen Mackay
Quadra Island Emergency Programme
ShakeOut BC at 10:20am on October 20

If you feel an earthquake, take the following steps:
• DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you).
• Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table.
• HOLD ON until the shaking stops.
• STAY THERE for 60 seconds, giving unstable objects time to settle.

Earthquakes can cause tsunamis. If you live in a tsunami zone:
• DROP, COVER and HOLD On during the earthquake.
• When the shaking stops, GO TO HIGHER GROUND.
• STAY THERE. Tsunami waves may continue for several hours.

If you are in a vehicle:
• If driving when an earthquake strikes, move to the shoulder of the road, away from bridges, overpasses,
power lines and buildings made of masonry or glass as quickly and safely as possible.
• ·Stay in your vehicle and wait for the shaking to stop.

If you are outside:
• Stay outside, move into open areas – well away from buildings made of masonry or glass, walls and power

Increased awareness about what to do during an earthquake reduces injuries and deaths. It also limits the number of people requiring immediate assistance from first responders.
• Be prepared, not scared.
• Know the earthquake (and tsunami) risk for your region.
• Create an emergency plan for your family so everyone knows what to do in the event of an earthquake.
• Build an emergency kit that includes a minimum seven-day supply of food and water.

We’re in it together. The more prepared governments, industries, individuals and businesses are, the faster we’ll collectively recover from a significant earthquake.

If you already have Grab’n’Go bags for each member of the family including pets, check contents such as medication, snack food, etc. are not past their best by date. Check the food supplies you have packed for an emergency. Have you raided it in the past year? It may take 7 days for help to reach Quadra Island. Join your Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Plan.
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