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General · 18th December 2016
Al Beattie
Have we got some numbers for you! If you remember my excited column last year at this time I reported a one-day record count on Open Bay Creek of 3,500 chum. That count took us 3 ½ hours to complete. This year Doug, Grant and Mark needed 7 hours to complete their survey and counted 9,500 chum. Where last year’s survey ended part way up section 3 of the creek, this year chum were found all the way up section 4 which ends at the culvert that goes under Village Bay Road. The Granite Bay Gang report chum up in section 4 beyond the wetland and the Hyacinthe counters found chum past the culverts and way up to Site 3 at the drainage of the wetland (beginning of the creek-proper). Thanks for the tremendous dedication of the regular counters;
Granite Bay; Carol, Judith, Vicki, Doug and others
Hyacinthe Bay; Janis and Eileen
Open Bay; Doug, Mark, Grant, Carol Ann and David
Drew; Darren, Theresa and Pete
Village Bay Creek; Frank and Brenda
V.B. Lake; Larry, Lauren and Pete
Kudos to these folks that went out on a regular basis to record the returns. The upper reaches of Granite Bay, Open Bay and Drew Creeks involve difficult bushwacking and dedication from the people involved.

Following are the counts as I received them;
Hyacinthe Creek; 7,900 chum, 3 coho
Open Bay Creek; 11,294 chum, 5 coho
Granite Bay Creek; 1638 chum, 49 coho
Village Bay Creek; 2182 chum

Dave Clough, biologist from Nanaimo is giving a talk on Salmon and streams Wednesday, Jan 25th starting 7PM in Room 3 at the Community Centre. Doors open 6:30PM. Please tell your friends. For information phone Eileen at 2434.