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General · 12th May 2017
Lucretia Schanfarber
"A Community Petition to Help Prevent Wild Fires on Quadra:
To: Tom Yates, Chief Administrative Officer, Strathcona Regional Distinct;
Dave Leitch, Chief Administrative Officer, Strathcona Regional District;
Jim Abram, Regional Director, Area C.

"We the undersigned, residents of Quadra Island, petition the Strathcona Regional District to research options for creating a Quadra Island Burn Bylaw, that harmonizes the Fire Prevention Standards for all of Quadra Island. The purpose of this bylaw is to regulate, and enforce all burning activities on public and private land. Currently Quadra Island has two separate mandates for fire prevention strategies. One administered by the South Quadra Improvement District. North Quadra is administered by the Ministry of Forests. One set of standards would make sense. Quadra Island is extremely vulnerable to wildfire, human caused or otherwise. A wildfire anywhere on the island has potential to affect everyone."

On March 7, 2017 a draft copy of this Petition was presented to the Fire Dept. Board of Directors meeting for discussion. The petition was asking to authorize the Quadra Island Fire Dept to set fire hazard ratings as well as, regulating and enforcing all burning on public and private land. The Burn Bylaw model that was looked at demanded that the South Quadra Improvement District extend their boundary to service North Quadra with a Firehall.

This model was rejected by the Board as unworkable due to liability expenses, lack of enforcement capabilities, and the huge expense and logistic problems of response times and staffing of a Fire Hall somewhere on North Quadra.

On April 12, 2017 the Strathcona Regional District had a meeting and discussed a committee report regarding the Burn Bylaw. The complexities of two separate jurisdictions on Quadra Island would make it necessary for the Strathcona Regional District to custom design a Bylaw that will fit Quadra Island. Subsequent to that meeting, a discussion with Tom Yates at SRD was held. He spoke to the importance of the community demonstrating strong support for this initiative before the RD proceeds to do research and development.

If you support this initiative, please sign the petition. It will be available from May 20, 2017 at:
Amped on Nutrition
Quadra Circle
Farmer's Market (look for the sign)
Community Centre (inside bulletin board)
Quadra Builders
Northern neighbourhoods:
Bold Point
Village Bay Lake
Open Bay
Granite Bay
Copper Bluffs