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General · 13th June 2017
Claire Heffernan
I missed the Quadra beach clean up earlier this spring so today I went for a hike on the beach that runs parallel to the Kay Dubois trail. Every five feet I had to bend down and pick up trash. Because I had cycled to the trailhead I decided to only pick up small stuff that would fit in my day pack ... the kind of junk birds like to eat. The rest I had to throw up above the high tide. One of the most interesting discoveries was a large plastic mesh square thingy that had been sealed at both ends by plastic tubing and zap straps. To my horror it contained around 60 live baby oysters. I did not have a pocket knife. Oh what to do. I then realized that one zap strap was missing so I managed to open one end and free the live oysters. What is this world coming to. I have never seen so much garbage on just a small area. If I could ever figure out in my lifetime how to download a photo on this site, I would have included a photo of the trash ... primarily short pieces of poly rope and other crap like BIC lighters, plastic tampon dispensers, plastic drinking straws, shell casings, plastic, plastic, plastic ....
Thank you for the suggestion
Comment by Claire Heffernan on 18th June 2017
I will start bringing my gloves and a garbage bag when I hike on the beach.
I'm dismayed too.
Comment by Pat Carpenter on 16th June 2017
These days I never walk on the beach without gloves and a garbage bag. A couple of the beaches I visit are worse than what you're describing. I too have to leave the large items above the high tide, but the tiny bits of Styrofoam and plastic are even more distressing. I could sit there all day, picking them out of the gravel, and not make much of a dent. Please, everyone, we need to keep this stuff out of the ocean.
the worst
Comment by Amanda on 13th June 2017
Unfortunately you are correct, this is one of the dirtiest stretches of coastline and mostly plastic.