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General · 27th August 2017
Carol Foort
We Need Your Treasures!
For the 22nd Quadra Philippine Connection’s fund-raising GIANT GARAGE SALE to be held at Quadra Community Centre on Sunday, September 24TH. All CLEAN donations in GOOD WORKING ORDER will be gratefully accepted for this rewarding event. We regret that we CANNOT ACCEPT mattresses, skiis, golf clubs, encyclopedias, magazines, fabric pieces, baby equipment, microwaves, televisions, or computers. The latter can be recycled in Campbell River! We look forward to your donations of furniture, but please ensure that all upholstery is clean, free of mold and in saleable condition.
Drop-off will be available at the following homes from the beginning of September until Friday, September 22nd. We again extend sincere appreciation to these participants for continuing to offer this invaluable service!
Q. Cove Sharon & Harry Archibald 858 Prentice Pl. 285-3288
South End Ruth Powell & Chris Thompson 307 Sutil Road 285-3695
Heriot Bay Candace and Jackson Holmes 684 Cramer Road Carport
Back Road Pauline Lansdall 1068 Milton Road 285-2076 (Milton Greenhouse)
Direct drop-off to the community centre will also be available on Saturday, September 23rd until 2 pm.
All proceeds go toward Quadra’s ongoing support of the community of Cataw in the northern area of the Philippines through the Gift of Peace Program. This project was initiated by the International Association for Transformation, Quadra’s parent organization. IAT’s Gift For Peace Program is an award winning project that continues to be a huge success in promoting peace between conflicting tribes in northern Luzon and has served as a model for other countries in the world. The concept is that livestock is given to a number of families in a specific community. The understanding is that recipients will in turn give the first offspring of these animals to families from another tribe or village with which there has been a past conflict. In addition to animal dispursal, IAT provides training seminars to participating communities on leadership, health and nutrition, financial savings, animal husbandry, composting and agro-forestry. This in turn helps promote self-sufficiency, economic stability and thereby a spirit of cooperation and unity between tribes in northern Kalinga where Quadra has been supporting daycare programs for over 20 years. IAT is currently working with 39 villages and by the end of 2017 more than 2000 participating families will have benefitted from this program.
Quadra’s participation currently involves offering support to the village of Cataw, a small relocation village of 40 families with which we look forward to developing an ongoing relationship. Twenty families in this village will receive 20 carabou whose first offspring will then be passed on to 20 families in another community. Quadra’s support also includes the education through sponsorship of two young girls from this village, Analiza Macad and Zeah Mae Paclay. They have been keeping in touch with us through regular letters and are the first children in Cataw to receive assistance with schooling. Since education is particularly essential to the progress of the tribal people in this remote area, our support will provide an additional boost to this community!
For further information regarding the giant garage sale or child sponsorship, contact Carol at 285-3035 and don’t forget to put Sunday, September 24th on your calendar!

Comment by Debbie on 1st September 2017
TY Carol and all your workers. What a great crew! One community helping another community half way around the world!