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General · 4th September 2017
Claire Heffernan
It was 96 degrees today so I headed to the spit for a dip. After a few hours of blissful swimming upon my return ... just north of the field on the Drew Harbour side of the trail ... I detected cigarette smoke. The two young offenders were apologetic and quick to butt out but I had to wonder what part of no smoking, no fires, etc. are people not getting. Had they not seen the large sign in the parking lot. Do we need more signs, larger signs, a cattle prod. It hasn't rained much for two and a half months, it's baking hot, tinder dry and there they are ... puffing away. I don't think they thought I was serious about butting out until I told them there had already been a fire on the spit in the past two weeks. Makes me wonder what we are going to do if a fire really gets going here. If the hydro lines burn up, my well pumping 10 gpm is going to be absolutely useless with no electricity. I guess I can still run toward the water but what if I had mobility issues or young children or pets or livestock. How much can I carry, what should I bring, where would I go ... we all need to think about these issues as the thermometer continues to rise and no serious rain in the forecast.