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General · 16th November 2017
Paul Ryan
RANTING and remembering about ferry overloads last summer? It's about to get worse! Once the fares go down next year and the senior's discount goes back to it's original amount, ridership is bound to go up. Last August, the Quadra to Campbell River leg had 163 overloads. Your FAC is looking for ways to try and alleviate this. After meeting with BCF people yesterday, we came up with a plan which would go into effect if there is an ongoing overload problem. The plan would be to implement a "load and go" process. So, once the boat is filled with vehicles, regardless of the time, the boat would leave and head for the other side. If there was not a full load on the other side, they would load the vehicles waiting and return. They would continue doing this until the overload problem is rectified. The other change would be that instead of taking a lot of time trying to squeeze 1 or 2 more vehicles on, the person on the deck would get one call to send more vehicles from the parking lot. They would then lift the ramp and go. There is one problem with this. The schedule would go "out the window"! There would be no set schedule while they were in Load and Go mode(from both sides). So if you were expecting to get on a ferry leaving at the regular time, you might have to wait. We have asked for notices to be posted once they convert to this plan (both physical and digital). The FAC would like your input on this. Do you think this is a good plan? Will it work? We are looking for some sort of consensus on this before we go back to BCF with the go ahead. You can either post your comments here, email me or phone 285-3896. BTW we are slated for a new bigger vessel in 2021.
not a good idea
Comment by Rob on 28th November 2017
For appointments in town and anyone who works there, a schedule is essential. To arrive at the ferry in good time only to discover the ferry has loaded and gone would drive me nuts.
How ...
Comment by Claire Heffernan on 20th November 2017
How is NOT having a ferry schedule going to prevent the ferry from being overloaded in peak periods.
Fill and Go, Don't Go (there)
Comment by Al Beattie on 19th November 2017
When change is made there are only three outcomes;
1. Things will get better
2. Things will get worse
3.Things will stay the same (as in congestion)
The outcome had better be heavily weighted in favor of outcome #1. As the run over takes the full half hour with totally loaded ferries, at best possibly one more run per day would be achieved, and this is no guarantee. The cost; totally unpredictable loading times, communication of said times, disruption to appointments, etc. No one likes the up-the-hill lines but we live on an island and have an inadequately sized ferry. With the tiny chance that things will be improved by the suggested change, let us just work with what we have. It ain't great but it's the best of a bad deal. We do live on Paradise.
Great Idea
Comment by Lloyd Epp on 19th November 2017
what good is schedule when its always overloaded.
Keep traffic flowing
No schedule ... not going to work for us
Comment by Claire Heffernan on 18th November 2017
With the web cam at the terminals ... you can see what the conditions are so why toss the schedule. Seniors discount are for "passengers only" not vehicles and it's Monday to Thursday. No schedule isn't going to work for us. We can live with the one sailing waits in August. If you have a medical appointment and it looks like you are not going to get on, they will put you ahead in the line. And what about the ferry workers. Going to run them into the ground. Think before you leap.
Comment by Judith Wright on 18th November 2017
Good plan. Folks who arrive early to the line up will get an earlier departure. The later-comers, who would probably have had a one sailing wait anyhow, will probably sail sooner, too. Just as long as the get-back-on-schedule leg doesn't result in more than a one hour wait before the next sailing at either terminal.
I am also very supportive of including the "Outer Islanders" on the Cortes preferred boarding runs during the short winter days,( from autumn time change to spring time change). This would ensure that passengers who must then run the last leg of their journey home in small boats, could travel more safely in the last of the daylight.
Load and go
Comment by Denise on 18th November 2017
As long as once implemented elctronic notices are posted this sounds like a great idea
Great idea!!
Comment by Mark Lasby on 17th November 2017
Please ask BC Ferries to send out an email through their usual notice system when ever "Load and Go" is activated. That way regular ferry users have fewer surprises.