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General · 27th January 2018
QI Outdoor Club
The Outdoor Club likes to promote safety and preparedness, so we thought we would distribute some information and websites that might help you with this.

In light of some recent high profile rescues, Search and Rescue has increased its efforts at educating the public about preparedness. They recommend ten essentials to carry with you in the backcountry. Here is Coquitlam's SAR advice:

They also suggest the Wikipedia background and information article on the ten essentials which is here:

If you are going to the mountains, either on Vancouver Island or the mainland, you may need more weather information than the local forecasters provide. There is an excellent mountain weather site which is very professional and detailed. For example, it has forecasts for Mt. Washington at different elevations, so both the nordic and the alpine areas are separate. Here is the link for the Mt. Washington nordic elevation:

From this link you can get to the alpine forecast or other mountains.

If you are going to the mountains and venturing out of controlled areas in the winter, you would want to check the avalanche report. With the recent snow and wind, the avalanche danger right now is high at or above tree line. Here is the avalanche report for Vancouver Island:

We hope that this helps you to stay safe!