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General · 29th March 2018
Mike Windrim
OK, I recognize that since the recycling bins changed to the current style, they have become nothing more than dumpsters. Anything which folks do not want ends up there. And then I see flooring. Really? And an ironing board. The topping on the trash cake this week was a 20 lb. propane tank. The flooring and 100 plastic and steel coat hangers and ironing board can go in the dumpster I have there but the people who left that junk make me throw them out. Thanks so much. But what am I expected to do with the propane tank? It can't go in the dumpster. The driver of the garbage truck would be in danger when he compresses the load. Am I expected to take it to town and pay for its disposal? That isn't going to happen either. Does anyone have a suggestion for me besides jumping off a dock?

The only other thing I need to remind people about is that the recycling depot is NOT for businesses. It is for family recycling. When we get a hundred boxes at a time from a single local business, it can fill a dumpster in a single trip. That leaves one less bin for the whole island for the week. We are also getting more business related trash which is not recycling and we are expected to dispose of it. The truth is that businesses are expected to have their own dumpsters. Should we be sending bills to businesses which utilize the recycling depot? So far that has not happened but providing proof would be simple enough.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Editor's Note: See Quadra Island Rants and Raves Facebook page for the whole conversation. Hang in there, Mike, most of us on this island totally respect the rules of the game and the awesome job you do.
So sorry that some islanders are treating our recycling like their personal junkyard....