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General · 4th April 2018
Quadra Island Garden Club
Quadra Island Garden Club presents" The Magic of Culinary & Medicinal Herbs ~Recipes & Remedies" with Lucretia “Lu” Schanfarber on Monday, April 9 at QCC from 7-9 pm. Admission for members is free and for non-members is only $3.00.

Lu's informative and entertaining slide show and talk will focus on both traditional folklore and recent scientific aspects of herbs and herbalism while giving lots of practical tips for growing, preserving and using your own cultivated and wild herbs. She will also provide a comprehensive list of “deer-proof” herbs.

The evening will include Lu’s homemade organic berry ice cream and a special herbal tea blend grown in her garden at Bold Point.

About Herbs & Herbalism
As a category of plants, herbs tend to have a high concentration of various phyto (plant) chemicals, many of which possess powerful antioxidant activity. We use herbs daily - for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The terms “herbalism” and “herbology” generally refer to the study and/or practice of using plants medicinally and therapeutically.

Almost every gardener grows at least a few herbs in their garden. Herbs have a magical, almost storybook air about them. We are drawn by their intense aromas and flavours while pollinators are attracted to their flowers. Herbs are usually the easiest plants to grow, with few nutrient demands. In fact, most Mediterranean herbs grow best in nutrient poor soil, as long as the drainage is adequate.

“Whenever we make basil pesto, brew mint tea or soak our feet in a comfrey foot bath, we are practicing a very simple form of herbalism,” according to Lu. “It’s easy to grow a wide variety of the most delicious and health-promoting herbs in our gardens. On Quadra, we are blessed with an abundance of wild plants and mushrooms that are in the realm of gourmet. Our forests are full of natural plant medicines.”

About Lu Schanfarber
Lu is a writer, editor and educator focused on organic gardening and natural health care. She was a contributing editor to The Encyclopedia of Natural Health published by alive Books, a regular writer for alive and Healthy Living Guide magazines and the executive director of the alive Academy of Nutrition. Her radio show “Healthy Stuff” aired weekly in Vancouver. She is a certified nutritional consultant and studied herbal medicine with Dr. John Christopher. Lu worked as a consultant with Dominion Herbal College and studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen. She also trained with Vegetarian Chef Ganesh Nanda and created recipes for Woodlands Natural Foods Restaurants and LifeStream Natural Foods Vegetarian Delis in Vancouver.

She lives simply and gardens organically on Quadra Island with her husband Lee and their Airedale, Molly. Lu is dedicated to creating and tending edible, healing landscapes.