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General · 19th January 2019
Ray Grigg
Saturday January 19 at QCC: Investigative reporter and award winning journalist, Andrew Nikiforuk, in his pursuit to understand why things are going awry in our world, has found a possible answer. It may not be the only answer, but it is one we should seriously consider because it is an insidious force that has so successfully infiltrated our cultural and personal consciousness that it remains almost undetected. It is technology.

In the 1950s the radical French theologian, philosopher and historian, Jacques Ellul, predicted that technology would become a totalitarian force in our everyday lives. Today, every politician, many greens and almost every member of the public champion technology as the solution to all of our problems. But what if Ellul was right and technologies are the problem? And if Ellul was right, what would the solutions be?

Nikiforuk explores this fascinating subject as a guest of Sierra Quadra. We believe it is something you should know about and think about. Expect to be informed and changed. After his presentation, you may experience the world with a new and penetrating perspective.

Doors open at the Quadra Community Centre at 7:00 pm, Andrew's presentation begins at 7:30 on January 19, 2019, and, as usual, admission is by donation, and baking and refreshments will be available. 

Hot off the Press from Andrew Nikiforuk on his Sierra Quadra presentation:

"I choose technology because many greens believe that green technology will solve our problems and they will not. I’ll also be using fracking as one example of a disruptive technology.”