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General · 9th April 2019
Al Beattie

2018 was a busy year for the 15 or so Quadra salmon volunteers. These volunteers working in Granite Bay, Village Bay and other areas, logged over 1000 hours in a variety of activities.
QISES hosted a Tom Brown talk in February 2018. Tom is a retired DFO researcher whose discussion centered on coho biology and the effects of forestry on streams. One startling conclusion was that if forest practices improve, it would still take 200 years for streams to fully recover to a natural state.
The former hatchery, now called the Eco Center, is presently undergoing deconstruction of several buildings which have deteriorated beyond any useful purpose.
Hyacinthe Creek had always been a focus of our group as it is an excellent spawning creek but it suffers from low water conditions in the summer for a variety of reasons. Janis McLean spearheads our continual drought proofing effort in order to keep pools viable during the drought season.
A Drew Creek project, directed by Lawrie Bowles (our resident biologist), will be the center of our focus in 2019. QISES hopes to place spawning gravel and large woody debris in the first 150 meters of the creek in order to improve conditions for returning salmon.
At the 2018 Fall Fair we displayed our t-shirt design by Lauren Miller (some still available). Also displayed were photographs showing the new camera system at Village Bay Lakes.
The Village Bay camera system was installed in 2017 and operated again in 2018 to the complete satisfaction of our members. Many coho were videoed as well as other creatures, giving an accurate account of salmon migration up VB Creek. At U of Q night, the system was presented and explained by Lauren Miller and Doug Biro.
The annual fish count takes place from mid October to mid November. A weekly count of 5 of our major streams on Quadra showed us that coho numbers had almost doubled over the previous year. The Chum count was a bit low.
QISES continues to liaise with Timber West on future cut block activity. Field assessment in these areas attempts to mitigate the effects of logging on areas surrounding fish bearing creeks.
Pete Calverly continues to lead the effort in VB Creek at modifying rock and gravel placement in order to improve spawning conditions for chum..
A project has started to monitor oxygen and temperature in the Village Bay Lake. Collected data will be compared to historic conditions.
An assessment is being done on some of our creeks for the possible addition of spawning gravel.
QISES hosted Dick Beamish, a retired DFO director, PhD, Noble Laureate who gave a talk at the community center in 2019 on salmon conditions in the north Pacific. Catch data from Korea ,Japan, Russia, USA, and Canada on the total of all 5 salmon species was at a record high in 2016. It appears that the decline of sockeye and coho numbers has been balanced by a huge increase in chum and pink salmon.
QISES wishes to acknowledge the monetary support from DFO and the advice it gets from our community advisor, Stacey Larsen.
Thanks to donors, both big and small for the support you give to QISES and thanks to those shoppers at Tru Value who donate points to Quadra Salmon (257)
We wish to recognise Janis McLean for the 7 years she put in as president of QISES. Janis continues with the board as a director and active member.

FRANK GLEESON, President and treasurer of the Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society