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General · 7th May 2019
Quadra Island Recreation Society
May Day, Saturday May 25, 2019
…who does what, when
"WILD" is this years May Day theme. What is wonderful about “Wild” to you? Maybe you are inspired to go into the wild, be wild, to love our wilderness or wildlife, to keep it wild, save our wild or to be a wild child! Welcome to our wild place, where the wild things are wonderful! It’s WILD and whimsy galore and YOU get to be wildly creative!
Whatever “WILD” is to you do that, you wild thing!
Join your friends and neighbours in a big community picnic at Rebecca Spit, Saturday May 25th, 2019. Celebrate the coming of spring and summer with colour, costumes, floats, and music – the more zany and bizarre the better! Let your imaginations soar and unveil your creativity! The best way to get to the end of the Spit is on a float!

8:30 am Gates open for parade entries
9:00 -10:00 am Shuttle starts at the HBI (thanks to Spirit of the West!)
10:00 am Parade starts at Rebecca Spit
11:00 am Concession opens
11:00 am Face painting starts.
11:00 am Official ceremonies
12:00 -ish Box Lunch auction
12:30 -ish Afternoon entertainment begins
1:00 - 3:00 pm Fort building
12:30 -ish Foot races begin
1:30 pm Sailing races begin (weather dependent)
2:00 - 3:00 pm Shuttle back to the HBI (please bring your own infant & child car seats)

Let’s keep May Day happy and safe for everyone by being aware of any potential dangers and acting accordingly. Parents, we need your help with this!

MAY DAY is a volunteer-powered, non-commercial, community event first held on Quadra in 1898. The Recreation Society Board of Directors thanks the many dozens of people who contribute to the event in big and little ways and wishes everyone a happy, joy filled, sunny day!

POSTERS: See posters by Candace Holmes up around the island.

PARADE: Get your neighbourhood, business, or group together and challenge other groups to out-do your float! There is the Trophy for best float; prize money for costumes, bike, walkers. [Many say the best fun of May Day is in the parade line come on and get involved!] Thank you judges (anonymous) and parade marshals, Jeanie Stoppard and Linda Jeffrey-Pillon.

PARKING: On arriving at Rebecca Spit, please do not park beyond the park gate, as the parade floats will need room to set up. All floats will end up in the parking lot after the parade so please don’t expect to follow the parade up to the parking lot, as It will already be full! Thank you to Paul Ryan for gate control. If you have any physical challenges you may ask permission of the gatekeeper to drive to the parking lot.

GREASE POLE: Doug and Gretchen Peters (and helper Adam Pullman) grease the pole and monitor the contestants. No pyramids please. Note at the top tells the winner to collect $50 from Doug Peters.

GRADE 5/ 6 PICNIC: May Day is a time to honour the Grade 5 class which will be leaving for Campbell River next year. Check out the last picnic table with the balloons. Thanks to Fern James and Grade 5/6 parents for organizing this. Thanks to the Coastal Community Credit Union for donating their tent. (Grade 5 & 6 homeschoolers are welcome to join as well.)

QUEEN AND COURT: Speech contestants in Grade 6 deliver a speech at the Community Centre 2 weeks before May Day. The winner is the May Queen and runners up are in the court. Thanks to Robin Beaton for guiding this process. Former May Queens are the speech contest judges.

STAGE: Thanks to Mel & Ross Doak for supplying and setting up the stage; and grade 5/6 parents for decorating it. Special thanks Mel & Ross, for also donating the porta-potties!

MAY DAY DEDICATION: Each year a citizen or group who has given positive service to the community over a lengthy period of time is honoured.

SOUND: Thanks to Daniel Sutherland who will supply the sound equipment and be the sound techie.

MAY POLE DANCERS: Linda McCluskey & Mandy Hart prepare the Grade 3 and 4 dancers for the traditional May Pole dance. Thank you also to the staff of Quadra Elementary. Bravo!

BOX LUNCH AUCTION: Please support all the local businesses who donate magnificent “box” lunches each May Day. This is a big fund-raiser for next year’s May Day. Get your friends together to bid and have a marvelous banquet. Huge appreciations go out to our fabulous Deb Manery for organizing this and to Terryl Bertagnolli for being the auctioneer.

CONCESSION: A BIG Thank you to Mornay Vanzly for organizing, the Heriot Bay Tru Value for their support and thanks to the dozens of volunteers who do a shift or two. Phone Q.C.C. at 285-3243 to volunteer.

RACES: Thank you to Michael Redican, Helen Lee, Murray & Marion Garland for organizing this.

ENTERTAINMENT: After the box lunch auction, stay tuned. There may be some action on the stage lead by local musicians!

SAIL BOAT RACES: If dinghy sailing is your sport, call John Barclay at 285-3897. Start time is 1:30 for the dinghies (weather permitting). If you want to participate in a “big sailboats race” then Brian Simmons is your guy: 285-3128

FACE PAINTING: FACE PAINTNG VOLUNTEERS WE NEED YOU! Thanks to Megan Hartley for organizing face painting this year! Some four hundred faces are decorated by the end of the day! It’s free and starting at 11:00 a.m. Phone Q.C.C. at 285-3243 to volunteer.

FORT BUILDING: Barbara Mindell (with helper Vaughn Collins) organizes this for the kids, from 1:00 to 3:00 on the Drew Harbour side of the Spit. Kids will comb the beach for items, and then build forts with their findings. People can vote on their favorite fort by buying a flag for a loonie (all money goes to the kids); voting is from 2:00-3:00.

VOLLEYBALL: Pat Field and family will start you off.

CREDIT UNION DISPLAY WINDOW: Check out the theme based display at the Coastal Community Credit Union in the weeks before May Day thanks to Sonya May McLaren and Tracy Sinclair

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Don Mottershead is the official Q Rec photographer this year, thanks DON! We would also like YOU to be a May Day photographer! If you get some good shots, send them to: and be part of our archives.

EQUIPMENT GUARDIANS: Thanks to Jane West & Derek Jean for care-a-taking over night.

CLEAN UP AND RECYCLING: Thanks to Waste Management for donating dumpsters and recycling bins. Please do your part in helping to keep the park clean. Please pick up litter when you see it.

Have a great May Day and thanks to all who made suggestions for themes and put them in the theme suggestion boxes, and to the theme selection committee; and of course HUGE appreciations to all the volunteers!

Thanks from Quadra Community Centre staff,
Rebecca Young & Jane West